Finding My Purpose Through Art

I have been searching for that something MORE in life since my 30’s, as in what am I here to do this lifetime? I also took up creating art during that same time for the first time in my adult life. I never understood how the two interests would or even could intersect, though I was yearning to figure that out. My understanding evolved and finally has begun to come together this year, especially when I discovered that my soul’s strongest vibrational energy is “Divine Self Expression” – which, for me, comes through my art. This is my purpose! To communicate through my art in a visual way, and now also a verbal way with this blog.

“Breathe” – Acrylic on Canvas

When I am painting, I am able to enter into a deep almost meditative state, where I am actually connecting to my inner self and, I believe, to my guides. Because of this I can strengthen my connection to the Universe and to a higher purpose. My feeling is that any creative pursuit can assist with this, and that this is available to anyone.

I believe my art conveys a sense of peace, inner strength, and serenity, and a deep compassion for others. My strongest desire is for it to speak in some positive way to those who may own a piece of it, or to inspire others to take up art for themselves to help them connect – not only with the rest of the world, but with their own deep inner selves.