Finding My Purpose Through Art

I have been searching for that something MORE in life since my 30’s, as in what am I here to do this lifetime? I also took up creating art during that same time for the first time in my adult life. I never understood how the two interests would or even could intersect, though I was yearning to figure that out. My understanding evolved and finally has begun to come together this year, especially when I discovered that my soul’s strongest vibrational energy is “Divine Self Expression” – which, for me, comes through my art. This is my purpose! To communicate through my art in a visual way, and now also a verbal way with this blog.

“Breathe” – Acrylic on Canvas

When I am painting, I am able to enter into a deep almost meditative state, where I am actually connecting to my inner self and, I believe, to my guides. Because of this I can strengthen my connection to the Universe and to a higher purpose. My feeling is that any creative pursuit can assist with this, and that this is available to anyone.

I believe my art conveys a sense of peace, inner strength, and serenity, and a deep compassion for others. My strongest desire is for it to speak in some positive way to those who may own a piece of it, or to inspire others to take up art for themselves to help them connect – not only with the rest of the world, but with their own deep inner selves.

6 thoughts on “Finding My Purpose Through Art

  1. I agree that art puts you into a meditative state, almost a trance like state. The creative process is all encompassing, all the world outside that process dissolves. I feel that I’m linked with my inner self almost on a cellular level. Is it possible to go so far inside that you actually go outward the way you say with the soul, I say with the cosmos?


      1. It probably doesn’t matter how the individual interprets their connection, not anymore than how the viewer interprets the artists work. As long, as you find some connection, that is all that matters

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