8 Ways to Clear Your Mind When It’s Spinning Out of Control

We Have Our Own Answers – 36″ x 36″ x 2″ – Acrylic on Canvas

I’ve been diving deep into learning new ways I can have my work be seen by more people, especially online, and this is creating havoc for me in many ways. There’s so much new information to absorb and implement. It all takes time and energy – so much so at times that it makes my head spin and when that happens I find myself getting confused and anxious.

This ends up with my getting stuck and feeling paralyzed and overwhelmed. It’s a little like being on a playground merry-go-round and wanting to get off because it’s going too fast, but feeling afraid I’ll fall (fail?) so I just huddle in the middle doing nothing and holding off for dear life.  Have you ever felt this way too? It’s an awful feeling.

That’s how I felt one day last week, so I sat down to think of ways I could stop this cycle, because it happens far too often for me. Here are some possibilities I came up with:

  1. Stop and do something physical but “mindless” for about a half an hour – like take a walk, do some Yoga, do some gardening task, dance to music, etc.
  2. Do a simple, non-analytical creative task – things like baking, doing a simple painting exercise, coloring in an adult coloring book, gesso or varnish some canvases (for those artists out there), take some photographs, play with clay, etc.
  3. Meditate for 20 minutes or so… or nap – your choice!
  4. Listen to some inspiring music while you work on a crossword or Sudoku puzzle.
  5. Write in a stream-of-consciousness way in one of your journals to clear your head of all the chatter.
  6. Clean out a closet or part of your work space for half an hour.
  7. Read a novel for about a half an hour.
  8. Work on a jigsaw puzzle for a short while. It uses the mind in a different, non-stressful way.

My final advice:  Do NOT go on social media sites because (at least for me) it’s way too distracting and can side-track you for far too long!

World Peace – Is It Possible?

One of the most basic lessons I have learned in my quest for meaning in my life is that all the riches and gifts in the world are meaningless if we don’t feel good inside. Many practices can help us find that peace and serenity, like meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, etc. I have practiced all of those and more over the years, yet there was always something still missing.

What I realized finally is that ultimately, peace comes from a decision to feel good from within each of us. We need to feel it, even create it, from within our hearts. It begins here and radiates out to the world around us – not the other way around.

Peace comes from the intention to feel happy and peaceful. We really can’t create it in our world until we already feel it inside. A subtle difference, perhaps, but a profound one. When a critical number of people decide to feel this way, we will truly start seeing change in the world. I don’t know what that critical number is, but each of us can only start with ourselves.

The image at the top of the page is a work in progress, an acrylic painting on a 24″ x 30″ canvas, which I started when I was feeling strongly this need for inner peace. Stay tuned for further updates on this painting.

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Finding My Purpose Through Art

I have been searching for that something MORE in life since my 30’s, as in what am I here to do this lifetime? I also took up creating art during that same time for the first time in my adult life. I never understood how the two interests would or even could intersect, though I was yearning to figure that out. My understanding evolved and finally has begun to come together this year, especially when I discovered that my soul’s strongest vibrational energy is “Divine Self Expression” – which, for me, comes through my art. This is my purpose! To communicate through my art in a visual way, and now also a verbal way with this blog.

“Breathe” – Acrylic on Canvas

When I am painting, I am able to enter into a deep almost meditative state, where I am actually connecting to my inner self and, I believe, to my guides. Because of this I can strengthen my connection to the Universe and to a higher purpose. My feeling is that any creative pursuit can assist with this, and that this is available to anyone.

I believe my art conveys a sense of peace, inner strength, and serenity, and a deep compassion for others. My strongest desire is for it to speak in some positive way to those who may own a piece of it, or to inspire others to take up art for themselves to help them connect – not only with the rest of the world, but with their own deep inner selves.